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Jack of diamonds

Everything that You Need to Succeed!

Everything that You Need to Succeed!

The economy crashed and took a toll on many who were loyal employees; businesses failed at an alarming rate, and yet, BizCard Xpress prospered and grew during that same period for the simple reason that everyone needs what we provide, regardless of the economic climate.

If you're truly looking for financial stability, you have but 3 choices:
1) You can ignore the obvious signs & hope that everything will get better by itself.
2) You can search for a new job or delay your retirement; or better yet,
3) You can use this opportunity to renew your life, your dreams, & your future.

People are leaving corporate careers because of downsizing and many other reasons, with the primary goal to support their families, keep their houses, and start enjoying life. We are all looking for a decent way to make a living and an opportunity to succeed. Explore all that we have to offer, compare with other franchises, then take that step and join this ground breaking business! We feel confident that you will recognize BizCard Xpress as a stand-out vision of your future.

BizCard Xpress lessens this burden and boredom for people regardless of background. Our stores attract people as retail, not a boring print or sign shop. The atmosphere is inviting, light-hearted and playful, as many customers come back to ask "what else can I buy", just to be able to visit regularly.

We offer a gigantic array of over 800,000 advertising specialties, just about anything you can imagine. Never boring, because we believe Life should be FUN, and this Powerful Business could be YOURS!

Same Day Service!

1. A Clear Value Proposition
The comprehensive package is so complete, that when you’re ready to open, you’ll have everything you need right down to the very last paperclip!

2. Training, Education and Support Designed to bring you up to speed with the most successful methods to run your business on all levels, field tested to guide you every step of the way.
Our methods have been proven throughout the middle of the worst recession in history.

3. Marketing Assistance and Guidance We guide you with proven strategies for the development of your territory with ongoing efforts to market your business effectively.

4. Lifetime Operational Support Our staff is dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to you so you are never alone.

5. Healthy Return on Investment The investment in an BizCard Xpress Franchise is very affordable in view of the fact that you actually will have two collaborative business models operating a single powerhouse of a business, Printing and Sign Making.

It’s both exciting and reassuring that the Return on Investment of the existing BizCard Xpress Stores have shown such great promise even when faced with a poor economy. If You Qualify and are Willing to make the commitment, we will do everything in our power to help you succeed… Taking the initiative, following up and persisting are the cornerstones of your business future.

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"Nothing Happens until Something Moves"
- Albert Einstein

To get further ahead in the exploration of Your Future as a BizCard Xpress Franchisee, Please Call Us to request a Prospective Franchisee Profile form.

The world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.

-Frances E. Willard

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